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Do you actually trust Jesus enough to follow him anywhere? This is a bold question that I wrestled with after watching episode 4 of The Chosen and reading along in the Bible, Matthew 4:18-20. This is the scene where Jesus calls Simon (Peter) to follow him. But before he does he really tests to see if Peter will trust Him. 
Jesus wasn't a fisherman, Peter was. After fishing all night with no catch and heading back into shore hopeless… and in the tv series - worried that he was going to be arrested for not being able to pay his debts, Jesus tells Peter to throw out his nets on the other side of the boat. Again, Jesus wasn't an expert fisherman, Peter was and so Peter began to question Jesus. “Really? I've been fishing all night and I'm exhausted. It's not going to work. I just want to go home and pout." But because of the sway of his friends (other eventual disciples) He did what Jesus told him to do. To his surprise, he pulled in the biggest catch he had ever experienced and one big enough to cover all his debts. 
Before the miracle. Andrew believed and was eager and willing to do whatever Jesus said. No questions asked. Peter was reluctant. He was frustrated. He had doubts, fears, concerns, worry and stress that had him complaining and dragging his feet in obedience. But after the miracle, he said “whatever you ask of me, I will do.” Jesus said, “follow me.” Two takeaways here.
  1. Jesus is incredibly patient. He could have written Peter off as a complainer, as a doubter. He could've gotten frustrated at all Peters questions. But He doesn't because He loves Peter. The same is true for you. He loves you and can handle your questions, concerns, complaints, and frustrations. In fact, He is the only one who truly can handle them appropriately with no judgment or potential gossip later on. So talk to Him.
  2. Andrew believed and obeyed right away. Peter needed proof, then was willing to do anything. But both were followers of Jesus and both saw God do incredible things. Later, after he resurrected… Jesus did say blessed are those who believe without seeing. But the point is whether you need proof or you're ok will just following without question, God still accepts you, uses you and fills you with his power and presence.
Do you trust Jesus enough to follow Him anywhere and do whatever He tells you? Here's a thought… Do what He has already told you to do. Connect with Him daily, pray for the sick, share Jesus with those around you, take a Sabbath day rest, wherever you go… BE THE CHURCH. 
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