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Have you watched the first 2 episodes of our “Lessons Learned From The Chosen” Series. If not, catch up on the video episodes here. 
There was so much packed into episode 2 of season 1 that I wanted to share another thought that I think will be beneficial to you, I know it was to me. 
There was a scene when Nicodemus discovers that Mary Magdalene had been set free from demonic oppression and healed from her past, he was astonished. He knew that he prayed for her and now she was FREE. But she quickly told him… it wasn't you. Yikes, talk about stepping on somebody's toes. But that didn't upset Nicodemus, he was truly happy for her new found joy, but he asked then who was it? As you may know if you watched, she said, “I don't know his name.” She couldn't even share what his name was. Here is the thing that jumped out to me…
Nicodemus responded totally confused, “He performs miracles, yet seeks no credit?” You see, Nicodemus was a pharisee and in that day it would have been very common for someone to take all the credit if they prayed and someone got healed. I mean, even today we would want the credit if something incredible happened because we prayed or even because of our great efforts at work. If you had trained your dog to do something cool, you would want the credit. That's really what TikTok and instagram have so often become about, taking credit for something crazy, funny, amazing or ridiculous that happened. But Jesus, the only one who actually deserves all the credit, took NO CREDIT. In fact we see this happen again and again throughout the Gospels where He performs a miracle and tells them NOT to tell people. He modeled what I believe is a Kingdom principle. 
>>>If you take all the blame for bad results, you will be tempted to take all the credit for good results. Basically, it doesn't have to always be about you boo. 
It's a heart check. Are you giving credit to God for your job, your family, your paycheck, everything. At the end of the day, God owns everything and we are stewards of everything. Do your very best with what you have and allow God to work out the results. Give Him glory and the credit, no matter what. 
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