Be The Church thanks you ALL for your kindness and generosity during our first year in existence. We believe when we partner together and share our resources with each
other (Acts 2:42 and Acts 4:32), we can truly impact eternity and expand God’s
Kingdom together. Thanks to your investment in Be The Church, we are have been able to spread the gospel, touch lives, and most importantly, praise GOD! Together we've invested $20,000 to local, national and global missions. This is 18% of our total income.

Worshiping together

We've gathered together for worship and fellowship each month in McDonough, Covington and Stockbridge, with plans for Barnesville and Atlanta in the near future.

Be The Church in the local community
  • We served the Dream Center of Henry County by providing 4 meals for the Dream Scholar program, as well as providing video content to support their funding efforts. This is approximately $4,000 of investment.
  • We partnered financially and volunteered with Operation Lunchbox, helping feed over 60,000 kids who would go hungry!
  • We've brought together 10 local pastors to talk unity, and how to make a difference together, being the Church and making a larger impact.
  • We've also helped rebrand and bring fresh creativity and passion to 2 local churches who are revitalizing older congregations.
  • We are serving 5 local congregations with the BTC worship team and messages. Stepping in to serve them 1-2 times per month.
  • We served 40 moms and kids in the park on Mother's Day weekend!


In Honduras, through our partner Excel Global, we did 25 medical/dental clinic weekends, serving close to 10,000 people and presenting the Gospel to each of them.


In Guatemala, we were the sending church for Maggie Edendfield as a missionary on the ground. Supporting her financially and in prayer support. She serves there in a children’s feeding center called Campos de Sueños. Maggie's blog.

Be The Church online
  • We have 260 people from multiple states in our prayer room, offering daily prayers for people in need.
  • We are raising and developing 3-5 digital missionaries including myself, who are utilizing social media to reach the unreachable with the Gospe and train believers on Biblical essentials.
  • We are intentionally training 12 people through our first ever online discipleship course.
  • We've had 50 people complete a Bible Reading Plan together with discussion.
  • We highlighted stories of life change, people breaking free from addiction and now making a difference in their professional lives.
  • We saw 17 different people use their voice, experience and stories to contribute content that encouraged and strengthened others.  
  • We highlighted the importance of Mental Health in and out of the church and provided resources for those in need. 
  • We've grown our social media influence from 0-700. This is just the start of reaching and connecting with people online.